Blogging for Money – 7 Habits of Successful Professional Blogger

This is the First Article in the Blogging for Money Series meant for bloggers who are transitioning to being serious about making money from blogs. I had promised earlier that I will start a series to help casual bloggers transition into serious professional writers.

I will start with the 7 Habits that make a blogger make serious money on the internet. If you are on the roads to looking at your blog as a means to make money, you will find these tips helpful.

Habit 1 of Successful Professional Blogger – Consistent in blogging & publishing

Successful bloggers write regularly. They post almost everyday, while many post 3 – 4 times a day on average on weekdays & 1 – 2 times a day on the weekends. They would not be erratic in their schedules & would deliberately the frequency with which they post.

WordPress has an option in which you can schedule your posts to be published on specific times that you set ahead. Many bloggers would write up many articles at once & would use this WordPress feature to publish in the coming days.

Habit 2 of Successful Professional Blogger – Read & educate themselves constantly

Successful bloggers read what other successful bloggers write. It is a matter of constantly educating oneself in the art & techniques of blogging. Without being aware of the latest & the best technology & methodologies, you cannot succeed in the competitive world of blogging for money.

Reading should include marketing tips, current blogging topics, theme designs, affiliate marketing tips & WordPress technology.

Habit 3 of Successful Professional Blogger – Write in a professional style & etiquette

Writing attracts readers & an unique style is always welcome. Successful bloggers develop their own style of writing. Their posts are immaculate (in whatever language they publish) & free of grammatical errors.

Copyblogger’s article on Ernest Hemmingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well highlights the key features of a well developed professional writer.

Habit 4 of Successful Professional Blogger – Develop relations with other successful bloggers & willing to Collaborate

Successful bloggers are confident of their abilities to succeed & are always willing to help others & collaborate with others. Tomorrow’s success will come to people who are willing to walk that extra mile to help others be successful¬† will collaborate in the most innovative ways.

It takes time & effort to build relations & build your online network. I have written many articles on How to Build Successful Relations & Tips on How to Build an Online Network.

Habit 5 of Successful Professional Blogger – Experiment, experiment & experiment

This is a unique & rewarding habit of all the bloggers who have made it big in the business of blogging. They never stopped experimenting. They experiment with simple things like their blog designs to complex experiments with their advertising layouts.

What goes along with experimenting is the habit to read data. Analytical skills are important to help you understand which of your experiments are giving you the best results for your business blogs.

Habit 6 of Successful Professional Blogger – They are Persistent & continue to improve

Persistence always pays off. Along with the will to succeed, with the knowledge from reading all about blogging & publishing consistently, you will succeed. This urge to persist is probably the most important feature of any successful blogger.

Successful bloggers have the habit of scrutinizing their own work & constantly push themselves to improve – one step at a time. The habit of not being satisfied with what you have created & the willingness to improve that next time, even slightly, brings success eventually

Habit 7 of Successful Professional Blogger – embrace competition

Successful bloggers always entertain competition. Though each will have their own way of facing competition, rarely will anyway try to run away from one. The habit of embracing competition makes them better bloggers & opens up opportunities for collaboration.

If you have been reading my articles on Effective Blogging Tips, you may have noticed that I always give away the facts, tips or tricks. Just by knowing what I do you will be able to improve your blogging but sharing these lessons is making me a better blogger too.

Other great bloggers, like Darren of ProBlogger or Brian of CopyBlogger, go to any extent to help their readers. Over time, they have come to be respected by the other bloggers for their help & guidance – a perfect win-win situation in the face of competition!

These are 7 Top Habits of all Successful Bloggers who Have been Successfully Blogging for Money. These are the basics & with a little time & patience you can easily build these habits too.


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